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Bare with me as this site may be going through some minor changes as I attempt to complete it in the near future... Let me know what you like or dislike.

Also, if you are looking for some help let me know and I'll see what I can do .

This is my submission to the MAME community and after completing my cabinet,  as I promised  I've created a new site with some of my personal information and insight into how I created my MAME machine. 

It all started in the 80's, like most of you I hung out in an Arcade many a day... I can remember playing Galaga at a 7-Eleven for hours feeding it quarters and  loving every minute of it. Once I saw what MAME could do that was it, I had to build my own. 

So, this site is dedicated to MAME and how I built my own. There is roughly 9 meg worth of assembly pictures and the what not on this site. If you don't see what you're looking for E-mail me and I'll see what I can do to help you in your pursuit.



  What's  New 

Cabinet sketches
DOS menu
Finished Looks have been completed.
The DOS section has been completed.
Thanks! for all the great e-mails. I'm glad the site is appealing and informative.
The Front End has been updated.
Monitor section has been completed. The Remote Turn/ ON write-up is also completed.
Sounds have been updated.
NEW! AJMMAME website is up!




11/28/01-MAME project started 
12/23/01-Most woodworking and milling completed 
12/30/01-Installed control panel and hardware
3/03/02-T.V. and computer installed and most wiring completed
4/20/02-Fired up MAME and played GALAGA!
4/28/02-Completed remote turn on timer
6/07/02-MAME cabinet completed 
New! AJMMAME site completed.
6/17/02-Completed The "SOUNDS".
6/19/02-Completed the "MONITOR".
6/23/02-"FRONT END" has been updated.
6/26/02-"DOS" has been completed.
6/29/02-Completeted the Finished Looks.
7/28/02-Completed AJMMAME website.
10/18/02-Updated with Cabinet sketches and DOS menu information.








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