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The computer that I used is an Abit BM-6 motherboard running a 366 Celeron, 128 meg of RAM and 5 GIG harddrive. 

Motherboard Specifications

CPU Interface Socket-370
Chipset Intel 440BX
L2 Cache N/A (on-chip)
Form Factor ATX
Bus Speeds 66 / 68 / 75 / 83
100 / 103 / 105 / 110 / 112 / 115 / 120 / 124
Clock Multipliers 1.5x - 8.0x
Voltages Supported 1.30v - 2.30v (0.05v increments)
Memory Slots 3 168pin DIMM Slots
Expansion Slots 1 AGP Slot
5 PCI Slots (5 Full Length)
2 ISA Slots (1 Shared / 2 Full Length)


Award BIOS



Nothing spectacular about this motherboard, I bought it on E-Bay for a few dollars and had to repair a couple of the CPU voltage capacitors. The ABIT boards are well known for having bad capacitors, they control the CPU core voltage which will cause some serious instability issues and lock-up's unless repaired.

Capacitor.jpg (34560 bytes)

Here are a couple of pic's of the MB mounted on the back of the lower access door. I did this so it would be easy to repair the MB and any parts associated with it. I simply unlock the door and the unit just swings out. Notice there isn't a CD Rom or a Floppy drive, no need for one.

PC1.jpg (79804 bytes)    PC2.jpg (69876 bytes)    mb2.jpg (71004 bytes)    mb3.jpg (68680 bytes)

    mbconnector.jpg (94527 bytes)

The last picture above just shows the connection from the I-PAC and the Opti-PAC to the computer. They plug into the keyboard port and serial port respectively.

I used a Voodoo-3000 video card for the video. It is a 16 MEG S-Video out TV Card and works great. I also picked this up from E-Bay for $15.

There really isn't a whole lot more to say about the computer. The video card was the big issue, I had to find a card that would work in a pure DOS mode and the Voodoo pulled that off without a hitch. 


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